JUL Design | Matisse’s Hinge | Black

Die Verschlüsse von JUL Design sind für Tücher und als Jackenverschlüsse gleichermaßen bestens geeignet. Sie sind flexibel einsetzbar, müssen nicht festgenäht werden, sondern sind jederzeit versetzbar durch ein praktisches Schraubsystem.

ca. 13,5cm x 5,5cm

Handmade in the USA.

Echtes Leder


Made in the USA

Genuine leather, Screw-in closure with snaps

5.25″ wide 2,25″ tall

We are calling this Matisse’s Hinge to celebrate the fresh, vivacious, and playful quality of the simply-shaped cut-outs that the painter Henri Matisse did near the end of his life. Slightly cartoony, and undeniably Matisse, the cut-outs conveyed the essence of the painter’s style in a new way and transformed how one could imagine ‘painting.’ This is our tribute.
This frog-like closure is beautiful stacked in multiples as on a military-inspired jacket or coat. In addition to the smooth black pictured here, Matisse’s Hinge will be available in a smooth brown. Both of these supple leathers follow the contours of garments and the body in a comfortable, sexy, vivacious way.

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