JUL Design | Renaissance Hinge | Black

Die Verschlüsse von JUL Design sind für Tücher und als Jackenverschlüsse gleichermaßen bestens geeignet. Sie sind flexibel einsetzbar, müssen nicht festgenäht werden, sondern sind jederzeit versetzbar durch ein praktisches Schraubsystem.

ca. 7,5cm im Quadrat

Handmade in the USA.

Echtes Leder


Made in the USA

Genuine leather, Screw-in closure with snaps

approx. 3″ in square

This closure, like the others in the series, was inspired by hinges, in this instance the great huge hinges on beautiful, old, European churches. This closure is curvaceous without being ornate. It’s simple and graceful. It’s not too bold but it has quiet assertiveness about its presence. The Renaissance Hinge recalls the shape of the French Curve, but is easier to use, opening and closing with a snap rather than a twist of leather. It’s sensuous and fluid, a balanced size for garments or accessories, beautiful in multiples or all by itself at the center of a piece.

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